CAP and BCAP are committed to regulation which is transparent, accountable, proportionate, consistent and targeted where action is needed.

Consultations allow those affected by or concerned about a particular advertising issue that is subject to consultation to put forward their opinions and supporting evidence for CAP and BCAP to take into account when making decisions about proposed changes to the Advertising Codes.

We endeavour to make our consultations clear and open by:
  • involving, as far as possible, everyone whose views should be considered, for example small and large advertisers, professional associations, marketers, consumer groups, media owners, public bodies and individuals
  • clearly setting out our proposed Code changes and explaining the policy considerations underpinning these in a consultation document
  • considering all consultation responses to understand the possible effects of our proposals and inform our decisions about changing the Codes
  • when a consultation is closed, publishing the outcome and an explanation of how responses helped shape it.
The following documents help to inform those who seek to influence advertising policy or who commission research into advertising, and to be transparent about CAP and BCAP’s expectations. They outline the key elements CAP and BCAP consider when assessing potential changes to the Advertising Codes: 
  We welcome feedback, so please do contact us to let us know what you think, and whether it has been helpful to you.