We are aware of a number of advertisers who are seeking to use the COVID-19 pandemic to their own benefit. There is currently no known cure for COVID-19, or vaccine to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, and many so-called preventative products, like face masks, have not been shown to offer the level of protection they claim to give.

In order to be able to rapidly respond to the challenge presented by these ads, we are accepting quick reports about ads, using the form below.

Please note that due to the urgency of the situation, we will not be giving personal responses to people who report potentially miselading or irresponsbile ads to us using this report functionality. This is to enable us to work quickly and efficiently to contact businesses and remove as quickly as possible ads that we find breach the ad rules.


By submitting this report to us, you confirm that you understand and acknowledge that you are submitting a 'report', and you are not submitting a full and formal complaint. As such you  understand you will not receive a personal response from the ASA.